Monday, February 4, 2008

DILG to strengthen Barangay Development Councils

City Director Rodolfo Bernardino of the Department of Interior and Local Government disclosed that they are going to prioritize the strengthening of Barangay Development Councils in the 26 barangays of Gensan within the first quarter of 2008.
During the City Development Council Good Governance Committee Meeting this week, Bernardino pointed out that the BDCs are already organized and what is needed is to strengthen them because BDCs are tasked to provide priority listing of projects of every barangay.
He also added that accredited Non-Government Organizations and People's Organizations must be ensured of their seats so that they can participate in the process of selecting projects and programs to be given priority.
He clarified that NGOs and POs must also apply for accreditation with the barangay where they operate.
Meanwhile, former Rep. Mario Aguja, chairperson of the CDC Good Governance Committee, disclosed his plan to hold a one-day Orientation for all barangay captains and department heads to discuss concerns on livability, bankability, competitiveness and good governance.
The orientation is to be scheduled within this quarter of the year. (CPIO/ping aponesto)

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Angel said...

Hi.. I'll add you up in my list.. Thanks.. I'm from Manila, but my dad's hometown is GenSan. I visited GenSan as a kid and I never got over it's beauty.. Hope everything's okay after the bombing. GenSan and the whole island of Mindanao will recuperate. I just know it will, let's be optimistic.. =)