Thursday, January 31, 2008

City Intensifies investigation on GenSan Bomb Blast

City Mayor Pedro Acharon, Jr., with PRO 12 Regional Director, CSupt Felizardo Serapio, Jr. and City Director PSSupt Robert Po, CEO VI in today's Press Briefing has orderdered an intensified investigation on the bombing incident that traspired at 6:40pm on January 30, 2008 outside the fenced property of Philbest Canning Corporation (owned by Rd Group of Companies) in Barangay Tambler, General Santos City.

GSCPO investigators were directed to interview the victims including the owners of the two motorcycles damaged by the explosion to gather exploitable information that may facilitate in the identification of the perpetrators or motives behind the incident.

On the previous information that the possible motives for the explosion are extortion and labor/management-related, this could have not been possible. According to Mr. Rodrigo Rivera, Chairman and President of the PhilBest Canning Corporation, their companies and affiliates have never received any demand in any manner from anyone for cash or extorting in "exchange" for "protection".

Mr. Rivera further revealed that they have a harmonious relationship with their employees and that they take care of their workers as members of the family. Nevertheless, our Office will look into a previous labor dispute filed by at least eighteen individuals for "illegal dismissal" against an affiliate company, RD Fishing Industry. The initial decision on this case was favorable to the company owners, however, it is on appeal by the dismissed workers.

The initial findings of our EOD personnel and PRO12 crime laboratory personnel is that the blast was caused by an explosive material of small quantity. From the evidences gathered, a grenade blast is discounted and that the explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device or IED. The order of detonation is also high is revealed by the gathered pieces of evidence. They are small or minute pieces which means that the IED almost completely disintegrated. The pieces of evidence are being examined and pieced together at the office of CL,PRO12, Their final report on the shape and make of the IED including the type of explosive material will be submitted anytime soon.

Our investigation as of this moment is looking into other possible causes or motives aside from those mentioned. Another report will be submitted as soon as the examination of our EOD and CL personnel will be finished.

The OIC, GCSPO has already directed all COP's of (8) police station/CMG/SWAT to undertake appropriate security measures to all vital installations, economic key points places of convergence and public places to thwart occurrence of same incident within this city.
PRESS BRIEFING. GenSan City Mayor Pedro Acharon, Jr. answers a query from a media personnel during the January 31st Press Briefing conducted at the Camp Fermin Lira, Jr. in relation to the previous night's bombing incident in Barangay Tambler. The mayor together with PR 12 Regional Director CSupt. Felizardo Serapio and City Director PSSupt. Robert Po announced that an intensified investigation is still going on with regard to the identity and motives of the perpetrators of the crime. (GenSan CMO/avel manansala)

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